Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Have you lost your marbles???

Well you'd better find them, cuz you're going to need them for this technique!

Rolling Marble Backgrounds can add a touch of whimsy, give you a unique foilage look, or look like a storm brewing! Let's get started!
First gather your supplies: An empty, flat container (the Stampin' Up! stamp boxes work perfectly!) several marbles, beads, ball bearings anything that rolls! 2 to 3 coordinating colors of re-inkers, cardstock, double sided tape.

Step 1: Take your first color of ink - I always start with the lightest color first - and place 2/3 drops of ink onto the bottom of the container and using your double sided tape, attach your cardstock to the lid.

Step 2: Close the box and roll the marbles around in the ink, then flip the box over and roll the marbles onto the cardstock.

Step 3: Repeat steps one and two with your next ink colors - I use a paper towel and wipe out the previous color in between re-inkers.

Step 4: Keep on rollin', rollin', rollin, till you've got the coverage you want :)

Step 5: Finish as desired!

Now you show me your take on this technique!


janet said...

This is so cool...I might have to just try this!!!

piccadillie said...

I have always loved this technique.

Bibbi said...

What a great technique!!

This one I have to try.... :o)