Monday, July 25, 2011

Messing Around

Here's a couple of just playing around items, nothing special.

Friday, July 22, 2011

This One's For My Girl

My Mingler pals will recognize the "rules" right off, but I had to literally laugh out loud when my Kaitlin came to me out of the blue one day and announced "Mom, Boys are DUMB!" Yep, sweetie they can be, however they're still an important part of our lives. While Jeff and I were camping a few weeks ago and I was waiting for him while he was in class I set out to make this for Katie. When I got home she and I finished it together and this is what she came up with.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SQUEEEEE! I have a tutorial published on SCS!

Paper Beads with DSP - Some of you may remember that I promised a tutorial several months ago for this fun project. It's taken a while because I couldn't share it until Beate had it posted on SCS, but here it is now! Be on the look out for my fancy fold tutorial as well!

Paper Beads are a fun way to use up scraps of DSP, and it’s not just for crafters, it’s a fun “mommy & me” project to do with the “littles” as well!

Supplies: Pretty Designer Paper, Toothpicks, Glue, Diamond Glaze, Bone Folder, Scissors/paper trimmer

NOTE: Diamond Glaze gives the paper beads a nice shiny/glassy look, however you could use Modge Podge, Shimmer Paint, or VersaMark and UTEE to finish the beads as well, anything that dries clearly could be used.

Step 1: Cut DSP into ½” x 4” strips

Step 2: “Curl” the DSP using your bone folder, this will help as you begin to wrap your beads.

Step 3: Put a thin strip of glue on one end of the DSP. You don’t need a lot of glue, but don’t skimp either, a thin line of glue on the last two inches should do.

Step 4: Beginning with the end with no glue, start wrapping the DSP tightly around the toothpick. The glue will ooze out as you get to that end, just wipe off excess glue. (Tip, you may want to keep wet wipe next to you to wipe any excess glue off your fingers)

Step 5: Place toothpick across a narrow container (SU Build a brad container used here) or poke the toothpick into a piece of Styrofoam if you have some.

Step 6: Continue rolling beads until you have the number you want.

Step 7: Place a quarter size dollop of Diamond Glaze (SU Crystal Effects used here) onto a disposal plastic “palette” (An old CD or plastic lid works great)

Step 8: Carefully roll the bead into the diamond glaze to coat, being careful not to get any onto your toothpick.
TIP: You can get really creative now, try wrapping metallic string/embroidery floss, sprinkling glitter, mini confetti, etc, on while the diamond glaze is still wet to give the beads some texture or added dimension.

Step 9: Once you have all your beads rolled allow them to dry (walk away, do the dishes, watch a movie, do not attempt to heat dry diamond glaze it just won’t dry looking right)

Step 10: After at least one hour come back and carefully slide your beads off your toothpicks.

Step 11: String your beads as you wish

Step 12: Use beads as a decorative element

Option 2, Step 1: Cut DSP into triangles 4” long by 1” across at the widest edge.

Option 2, Step 2: Roll as stated in steps 2 – 10 above starting with the one inch edge.

Option 2, Step 3: You’ll have long, tapered beads this way

Option 2, Step 4: String and use!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life Gets In The Way

Sorry I've been MIA for a while, life gets busy and something has to give you know?

Anyway hopefully it'll be a little peaceful for a while anyway! I haven't made to much this summer and I'm in bad need of a girls night of stamping! However, it's a couple of new SU! goodies! The first is the new Doilies set, I embossed the doilies with white E.P. onto vellum, then colored from behind with the in-color markers, then ran it through the Bigshot with the dots folder, sounds like a lot but it's really easy. The second blends the old and the new with the new in-colors with the daisies set, if I ever have time to just play I think I'm really going to enjoy these new colors!