Sunday, May 10, 2009

Aunt Wynn's Gift - part 1

My DH's aunt just turned 90, this lady is awesome! But what do you get for a 90 yo lady?
She actually gave us a hint by mailing my DD a congrats card for making the honor roll at school. In the note she sent Katie she mentioned that she hadn't been able to get out shopping and all she had left for cards were ugly one's! So this Cool Caribbean, Soft Sky, black, and white butterfly ensemble was born! Over the next few days I'll be bringing you close up photos of each of the cards, but here's a peek at the entire collection and how I packaged it.

Oh and by the way - the butterflies on the turquoise issue is recycled printed issue packaging I got in a Hanna Stamps order!!! The only stamping I did on this entire ensemble was backgrounds and sentiments. The small black butterflies are the Martha Stewart punch.

Hope you enjoy!

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