Monday, October 12, 2009

Faux Ribbon Roses

Faux Ribbon Roses

I cannot take any credit for this, unfortunately I don't remember where I originally saw it either, so I'm re-creating it in the way that I did it.

See my little ribbon roses in the lower right hand corner? That's what I'm going to show you how to do! {tip, add some green leaves ;) I forgot them!)

1. Punch some 1/4" holes, but keep your punched pieces you'll need them at the end. I used Almost Amystest cardstock here.

2. Now punch 1 1/4" circles, centering your 1/4" circle in the middle.

3. Now cut your circles into spirals, starting on the outside and cutting in toward your littlest hole. The width of your spirals will determine how "thick" or high your FRR will stand. {Another tip, twist a paperclip to look like mine}

4. Now slide one end of the cardstock into the loop on your paperclip, spiral your C/S around that loop.

5. Keep spinning the C/S around that paperclip, adding some Mono-Multi as you go to keep it together.

6. They should look like this (sorry about the crappy photo)

7. Now take that 1/4" circle you saved and glue it to the bottom of your FRR.

8. This is what the bottom will look like, use a glue dot to adhere it to your project now! (again sorry about the crappy photo)

9. You can now "kick" it up a notch by adding some glitter to top edges of your FRR or you could "rough" up the edges using your edge distressor, play with it and see what you can do!

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