Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pure Craziness!

Sorry I haven't been around lately, life is in fast forward again!

Let's see I have 25 days to get everything finished for the 2010 Michigan Mingle.

Katie qualified and got excepted into the new Cros-Lex 5 Early College program.

Ben and Jake are both in a panic trying to get everything done before spring break, which is in one week.

And the biggest stress is that Sanilac CMH is moving into our new building in five weeks! Which is a good thing but it means that we're trying to consolidate 150 handicapped individuals and 50 staff from four buildings into one! For those of you that haven't had much experience with the disabled, they often have a seriously hard time adapting to change (I mean take a so called "normal" person and multiply it by 100) so along with all of the regular moving stuff, boxing, packing, deciding what goes where, etc... We have to make sure the our consumers aren't stressed and worried anymore than necessary. Which means as coordinator of the programs, I have to make sure that 150 plans, equipment, supplies, room furniture, and everything that goes with our people are in place!

And I'll let you in on a secret...I can handle the consumers, they are often the brightest spot in my day, but the so called "normal" people - EEEPPPS! I have some co-workers that I could cheerfully dope up with Valium and keep them that way until we're moved - I mean c'mon people what are we 12?

Sorry that was snarky but I needed someplace to say it!!!

Anyway I promise some happy posts starting tomorrow!

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Debra said...

I hope the move goes smoothly for all of you Patty. (((HUGS)))