Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Almost Artisan" Day Ten Elegant Folds

"Almost Artisan" Stampin' Up! Artisan Contest entry idea number 10.

This is the last card idea - an elegant, watercolored, criss cross/pull out fold card, did in an invitation style. (all names are made up) This was also an idea for the bridal tea shower (which I still haven't heard back on)

So quite frankly my mojo is used up and although I never expected to win anything, I'm truly not sure that I ever want to put myself through this again! I attempted to meet all of SU!'s requirements which were, in my understanding, to show a variety of styles and do your most professsional work. I thought I did okay on showing a variety of styles... maybe I need to work on my professionalism? Perhaps I need cleaner stamping, straighter cuts, and better hand writing..... I don't know.... I do know that when you take the joy out of it and start doubting yourself it just isn't worth the pain!

I hope you've enjoyed my "artisan" attempts and just maybe you got an idea from me somewhere along the line that sparked your mojo because I do this to "share what I love"


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