Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back In The Game?

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since I've posted, honestly I really haven't had an urge to blog since I posted about my mom's passing in December.

Then to add insult to injury a whole lot of "issues" I guess I could say rained down on us to the point that I've had enough rain to start another Great Lake! Do you really want to hear about my woes? Probably not, but it makes me feel better to get them out of the way.

Let's see, I believe we left off with my mom passing away four days before Christmas...
Since then we've dealt with:
1) Finding out that my dad as prostate issues that is must likely cancerous, but at 80 years old and just losing my mom, he doesn't care to follow up on it.
2) Finding out my husband has Barrett's Disease and learning that we'll have to deal with yearly cancer screenings.
3) I found a lump on my right upper hip, what we thought was a simple fatty tumor turned into a calcification of body tissue that was roughly the size of a quarter, but the shape of an arrowhead that was pressing onto my sciatic nerve.
4) Jeff underwent surgery for a hiatal hernia and a re-construction of the muscle that joins the esophagus and stomach.
5) Six day post-op, Jeff had heart attack. Luckily we acted fast enough that there's minimul damage to the heart, but it's one more thing to follow up on every year.

So I haven't felt like doing a lot of stamping in the past three months, however I did do a banner class early this month, we made this:

I think my ladies liked it, four of them bought the Pennants Die :)

To welcome Jeff home after what amounted to almost 2 weeks in and out of the hospital, I made this banner using MDS and the new Summer Schmooches Sneak Peeks, for our front door. I was going for the look of needles, but what really tickled me was when I turned it over and found a sweet way to do pencils for a back to school project!

So there in a nutshell is my limited stamping/crafting attempts and my sad tale of the past three months.

Am I doing any better? Yes, I mean I still miss mom every day and I still cry easily, but I'm thankful that my husband and kids are going to be okay overall. Plus I'm feeling the urge to stamp again! I leave tomorrow for a weekend "retreat" with some of my best stamping pals and God willing, just maybe I'll be back in the game!

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Frances Kukulis said...

Patty you don't know me but I'm glad to see you are back and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that life starts to treat all of you much better. I happened upon your website looking for ideas one day and read your post about your Mom and it brought back a flood of memories of my Dad and I haven't been able to stop checking weekly to see that you were feeling better. Time does truly heal most wounds. From another stamper friend who cares.