Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Watercolor TieDye Paper

So many people have asked me how I make my Watercolor Tie Dye paper, that I decided to attempt a tutorial on how to do it, please be gentle with me cuz I'm not really sure how to do this!!!!

Step 1: Gather Supplies, you'll need re-inkers, a spray bottle of water, a palette, and a brush.

Step 2: Spray your neutral paper with water until water runs off from it.

Step 3: Add re-inkers into palette.

Step 4: Randomly adding color to your paper, starting with your lightest color, working toward your darkest color.

Step 5: Continue to add color until you have the coverage you want.

Step 6: After you have all your colors added, spray the paper again. At this point you may wish to spray with a mixture of water, Pearlex (SU no longer sells this) and hairspray. You could use plain water, the Pearlex just gives it a nice shimmer.

Step 7: Finish your card as desired. This card is a CASE of the card on page 59 of the current Stampin' Up! catalog.


Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Great tutorial. Patty! Your finished card is wonderful! Glad to see you in blog world!

Lorien Clark said...

Great tutorial Patty! I haven't attempted one of those yet. I have a hard enough time keeping cards posted!!!