Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas grumps

Ever have one of those days when everthing you touch seems to be messed up? That's the way the past week and a half has been for me! It started with our first snowstorm during which I ended up in the ditch, not once mind you, but twice in the same night!

I've been playing around with new technique look which is frustrating me to no end, I haven't been happy with anything I've made, and my normally sweet, loving, supportive husband turns into the Grinch! He hates Christmas, the whole Christmas season, the presents, the wrapping, the trimming, the trappings, and the noise, noise, noise!!! Sound familiar yet? I'm telling you Jim Carey hung out in my neighborhood the Christmas before making that movie and patterned the Grinch after DH! I think Mr. Carey should send me half the royalities for that movie just for my aggravation!!!

Anyway, I sat down tonight to try to come up with something for my weekly Demonstrator Workshop Wow Challenge over at SCS (since the technique I'm working on doesn't seem to want to cooperate) I decided to go with a Faux Tearing look. This is what I came up with...

For "Faux Tearing" you just tear a piece of scrap paper, lay it down on your cardstock, stamp your desired image, the slide the scrap paper down about a 1/2 inch and then sponge heavily using the scrap paper as a mask.

Then, just because I wanted to share the love, I thought that wasn't enough of a challenge and I decided to make it mono-chromatic with just a touch of metallic and glitter.

So I ended up with a triple challenge:

You must do the Faux Tearing technique

You must make it Mono-chromatic

You must use a touch of metallic/glimmer

What do you think, good enough challenge? Will this break my Christmas Grumpy streak?

Stay tuned, I'll let you know!


Michelle said...

Sounds like a great challenge, Patty! I hope it chases the grumps away!

Joan B said...

Yikes, this is gorgeous! Love this.