Saturday, June 28, 2008

Red, White, and True Blue

Aren't these just too cute!!!
I wanted to make some decorations for the 4th of July and I found the patterns for both of these items at - but I'll warn you her site is screwy to use!
Anyway I'll attempt to tell you what I did to make these.

The Stand Alone star:
I had a template for a 5 pointed star about 5 or 6 inches in size.

I started with Whisper White cardstock that I wheeled with the Petals Jumbo wheel in Real Red and Night of Navy, then cut out three stars. Then on matching red and navy cardstock I cut out one of each color. I scored the stars down the middle from the top point to the valley in between the bottom points. Then I layered the stars in this order Red, White, Blue, White, White, glued them together and stood them up! You will have two of the same colors line up and I choose to go with white or you could cut out a sixth star an alternate more colors - I just liked it with five points on the table to match the five points of the star.

This "bouquet" is made up of "Snowflake stars" again the directions came from Martha, but I'll try to explain what I did. I started with Whisper white cardstock - you DON'T want anything heavier than that! - Actually double sided patterned paper is perfect, but again I wanted Red, White, and blue so I made my own using my wheels and by just "swiping" my inkpads over the cardstock. My stars started out 4 1/2" x 8" but you could do 6 x 6 or 8 x 8, whatever your lenght make sure it's an even number, your width you can play with. Anyway, score your length at one inch intervals, then fan fold or accordian fold it, staple it in the middle, for me that was 2 1/4" so my "petals" are each 2 1/4" in height. Use sticky strip or some kind of super sticky tape and pull your petals apart and tape them together to form the star. Then I added a circle punch center in the center of each star, I put a glue dot on the back of each star to attach my dowel. My dowels were colored by rolling them in my inkpads. Then I put some sand in a empty candle jar, stuck my dowels in and decorated the jar!

These a great in Christmas colors, but imagine them in school colors for a sports thing or graduation open house, or a baby/bridal shower, or a birthday party! The possibilities are endless! Well I'm off to a horse now!!!!


Jana Emmert said...

Love both of these, Patty!

Dawn Marie said...

I love your july creations Patty!!!Very very nice!TFS

Countrydirt said...

Patty, these are awesome! You did such a great job, they look like they should be in a magazine!!~Carla