Saturday, September 6, 2008

For my Sweets

They know who they are!

Karen inspired us to use this photo to create something: Carefree Creations

My muse is still working on Craft Fair projects, so this is what I came up with! I know, it looks nothing like the photo, but hey, I got circles and stripes!!!!

I also have to share this little book of lessons with my sweetheart friends
It only has three chapters, The Dark, Chocolate Wittisms, and The Milk - What more do we need?


Michelle said...

Love the notepad holder - great idea, and I can definitely see the circles and stripes from the IC.
Also, your chocolate book is awesome! Wish I could see it up close!

kthaman said...

Wow Patty that chocolate box is soooo awesome! You *must* share the pattern for that one. As for the IC card - I love where you went with it. The result doesn't have to look like the IC - it is all about having a starting point. I love your notepad. I always have a hard time with those and this one is great!