Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Altered Mardi Gras

It's time for another WishRak secret friend exchange! I {heart} these exchanges! In true WishRak fashion people remember the true meaning of a "RAK" and for those of you who don't know what that means it's "Random Act of Kindness" it's spoiling someone just for the per joy of it. In the case of WishRak it's basically exchanging stamped images - which helps when you just want to play with a few images without investing in a whole set that you may not love or if you plain just don't have the funds to invest in a stamp or the whole set.

But anyway, back to this month's exchange - we're celebrating Mardi Gras! How cool is that!?!
We have few basic rules to follow but the basics are, include the following:

1.One altered item in the colors of purple, green, and gold or any shades thereof.
So how about an altered McDonalds drink container, made into a mini "Spa Container?"
With some bath salts, a candle, some Vitamin E hand cream, and some chocolate of course!

2. A “trinket” this is something small, a pin, a hand beaded something, a small sun catcher, let your imagination run here.
So how about an altered piece of shell from the beading section and an altered Altoids mint box to each it in?
I used my alcohol inks on the shell and it was so cool! Some of the shell soaked up the ink like you wouldn't believe and other spots were lighter, finished it off with some rub on's, a rhinestone, and then I spray sealed it just in case. I place it on ribbon, but my secret friend could put it on a chain if she wants to. Or she could re-rak if she hates it!

3. A small treat, something unique, to represent “Fat Tuesday” donuts, king cakes, or pancakes. Try to think of something unique to your area, maple syrup, a special candy, something only available in your state/area.
This one's not done yet ;~)

4. Choose your "favor" by listing your top five wishes.
I'd tell you what I've bought, but my secret friend might guess who has her name :~)


Lena ~ tackertwosome said...

OMG!!!Patty these are beautiful!!!! I want them ALLLLLLLL!!!!!

Wonderful gift she is going to love them all!!

Pia said...

Great projects Patty! I am really impressed!
I hope they are coming to my house!

Kim said...

Beautiful creations!!!! I love the Mardi Gras colors. Next time I get a drink holder, I'll have to try and decorate it.

okiechic said...

Wow, so cool! I love how this turned out.