Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year My Friends

As most of you who's talked to me often know, WishRak is one of my favorite SCS features. WishRak allows you to "wish" for images that you'd like to play with but don't necessarily want to buy or store.

Over the New Year's holiday I worked with 19 other women to bring a challenge every hour to create cards for troops stationed over sea's.

It amazes me that the men and women stationed over there do not have access to birthday cards, thinking of you cards, anniversary cards, etc. Now they do have full access to email and get to email family, but sometimes you just *need* to send you son, daughter, mom, dad, wife, husband, something more personal - KWIM? Something tangible that they can know you touched before them.

This is one of my favorite cards that I made for this cause, my inspiration for it came from the Canadian Flag. The image came through WishRak, now I love this image, but I probably wouldn't use it enough to purchase it.

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MY Inky Fingers said...

Great card! You make such nice cards!