Friday, September 18, 2009

Misty Morning or Just Misty Eyes?

Well the first day of school has come and gone and I'm just getting around to posting this....

As most of you know Ben is off to Central and he's a junior now, Jake started St.Clair County Community College in mid August, and my "baby" is now a sophmore in H.S.

On the first day of school it was a misty/foggy kind of morning and as I watched Katie stand outside waiting for the bus all by herself for the first time in her life I noted that the the sky was a misty purple and coral behind the trees and I remember thinking what a cool background that would be on a card.

Maybe watching her stand there all by herself sparked me to be reflective or sentimental, perhaps I was just in the mood for "comfort," or maybe I just wanted something familiar. I don't know, but when I sat down to create later that day I reached for "tried & true" and nothing new. I ended up doing the "baby wipe swipe" technique with Almost Amethyst, Cameo Coral,Bashful Blue and my beloved "oldie but goodie" Lovely As A Tree set.

Was the sky really that color? Or was it just my misty eyes watching my baby stand there all by herself?

Either way here is my card and an updated photo of Katie beginning her sophmore year on the Equestrian team.


Debra said...

That is such a beautiful card! I love it! And Kelly is just gorgeous. It gets difficult as they all leave. I know they are supposed to! And I really do love that they do and that they become responsible adults. *sigh*
Really wonderful post Patty.

Kim said...

Oh Patty, I could feel how much you love your daughter in your post. I'm sure it was "misty eyes" you had watching her wait for the bus.

Michelle/Eliotstamps said...

Just a beautiful card, Patty! I think "misty eyes" are OK for a morning like that! Your daughter looks so lovely in the photo with her riding outfit and all.