Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As most of you that know me are aware I've worked for Sanilac Mental Health almost since I graduated from High School, about 25 years to be honest. I started out as a class/rehabilitation technician and have moved my way up to a program coordinator for the mentally and physically handicapped adults that we serve.

If you've been following the Michigan economy issues you're probably aware that Michigan is going through some tough times (again yes, it does seem to be a cycle for my fair state but it's also something that makes us strong and brings us together)anyway those economic problems have begun to affect mental health and we've recently lost about 15% of our folks due to state/federal budget cuts.

One of these folks, a gentleman I'll call "bob" has been with me since he graduated from our school system. Bob is a Down Syndrome man, now saying good bye to friends and co-workers is always hard, but a DS man that doesn't understand why he cannot come to program anymore is harder than H@ll!!!! I made him this card, which is almost all SU! (except the CB folder & nailheads and I don't where I got those) and hugged him tight while we both cried at the end of his last day.


Debra said...

I hate these kind of budget cuts. Especially when there is so much waste in other areas. (((HUGS)))

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your co-worker. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Michelle/Eliotstamps said...

Aww, Patty! (HUGS) That is so sad. The card you made is lovely, though!