Saturday, April 5, 2008

VSN, The final three

This is the end of the VSN challenges for Fashion Weekend!
I sure hope you've enjoyed my versions of the challenges,
And if you had a chance to play along with me, that's even better!

Challenge #17 - To do the Cracked glass technique (I was hungry when I made the berry ones!)

Challenge #18 - Burberry Plaid (secret here - I didn't know what Burberry plaid was, had to Google it!) Once I saw it I recognized it, just didn't know it had a special name!

Challenge #19 - Paper Piecing, basically you stamp onto a piece of patterned paper then cut it out and layer it over a stamped image on neutral c/s
So there you go - Nineteen challenges! NOW you know what I've been up to!!!!


Lynn said...

All of your cards from the VSN look great, I love the cracked glass on the berry card!

Julia said...

Hey Patty! Your VSN stuff is super cute! This is your buddy from SCS "bluesh4rk".