Saturday, February 28, 2009

Magic Tissues

What do all of these cards have in common? They were made with a napkin!!!! Scroll on down and I'll tell you how I did it!

1. You need a pretty printed napkin, kleenex, paper towel, you know some kind of tissue.
(Note, no you will not be able to use tissue paper you've stamped on, unless you've stamped with all waterproof ink - or you like the runny ink look that's your choice - but you can use stamped tissue paper with the HOT CARD technique which is linked at the very bottom of this post)
2. You'll need to know how many "ply" that tissue is, in this unsuspecting napkin's case it's a 3 ply napkin.

3. Crumble up that tissue to make the tissues easier to separate, you only want the top layer.

4. Water down some cheap, washable, school glue, just a little not much. (you're gonna get messy, you WANT something that's easy to clean up!)
5. Spread that glue all over a piece of GP 110 Cardstock from Walmart.
6. Now glue the top layer only of the napkin onto the cardstock.

7. Yes some glue will seep through the tissue that's normal, BUT now is time to add the magic.
8. Sprinkle glitter, pearlex, or other shimmery/sparkly medium over that wet glue.

9. Now let the whole mess dry and come back in an hour.

10. Okay it's been an hour - cut the whole thing apart and make your focal images to use just like a stamped focal image!

Or you could just use the>>> "Hot Card" <<<>


Karen H. (kthaman) said...

I love this technique. Your cards are adorable!

Lynn said...

OMG what a cool technique! I never would have guessed that all these pretty cards came from a napkin!

Michelle said...

What a cool technique, Patty! The cards turned out terrific.

Brandy's Stamping Place said...

Great tutorial, have never seen this before and the cards are just sweet.