Saturday, February 28, 2009

With A Little Help From My Friends

None of us can afford every crafting item that we see, so my friends down in WishRak help me along with stamped images, Cuttlebug backgrounds and other items that we share with each other.

The Script background is from my WishRak Friends, the image is from my friend Joni - aka jstarbright

On this one the images and the background are from my WishRak friends. I kept looking at Beautiful Beach but I never bought, so I'm really enjoying these images. frogs - I let the cat outta da bag that I'm do not like frogs and toads, nasty creature - ick - guess how I have in abundance now? Stuffed frogs, frog socks, frog keychains, frog figurines, and lots and lots of frog images!

Only with the help of my friends could I have this much bounty!!!!

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